Sunday, December 7, 2008

Without Christmas Spirit..

It doesn't feel like Christmastime to me. I don't know why. I don't feel like putting up lights or decorations. I just don't feel like being Christmasy this year. Hmmph.

Well, at least for now. I've got the tree up, but that's it. It makes me sad because I've always been incredibly excited about Christmas. Of course, this year I decorated the tree by myself and haven't helped my parents with their tree, but.. meh. It doesn't feel like Christmas.

Blah. I'm just down in the dumps. Something feels off. My dad is sick, so that makes me worry (not to mention my mom over-worries, which makes me worry even more).

Ah well, I'm looking forward to next Christmas; that's for sure. I'll be at DCOM, halfway through OMS I! Who knows how different my life will be then, but I'm excited. I have a feeling being in the Christmas spirit is the only thing that will keep me going next year!

Anyone else just feel "bleh" sometimes at Christmas?

Oh, and I'm quitting my job next week. Surely that will make me feel more spirited. It's not worth $6.55/hr to destroy my back.

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~Momster said...

For whatever reason, Christmas seems to have snuck up on us here, too. Maybe such a crazy election...maybe the economy...maybe just busy-busy-life-in-general.

I hope that the Christmas spirit finds you soon....