Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm a bad blogger.

Dr. Rob's post makes me realize what a poor blogger I am. Believe me, I do like blogging quite a lot. But I'm guilty of being a poor blogger. Maybe that's why I only have three people following my blog. ha.

I have plenty of things on my mind, but don't feel that this forum is the best venue to make them available. Lots of family issues, school issues, unemployment issues, money issues. Lots. But I really feel that I shouldn't bore you with it. I'm not charming. I'm not witty. And this blog definitely isn't themed -- yet. I'd say that once I start school, things will have a bit more continuity.

I'm stuck mulling over my living situation, my finances and my future. And right now, I'm not ready to share that. It's too sensitive. Maybe soon.

Although I will publicly announce that if anyone has information regarding rentals in the DCOM area, comment me. I'm beginning to get desperate.

3 months till I need to move. It's hard to believe. 4 months till my life is turned upside down.

But for now, I'll remain here in blogland with sporadic posts about random things and hope that one day I'll find the motivation to be a good blogger. :)

Edit: Oh, oh yeah... follow me on Twitter.


Rob said...

I am sorry if my post made you feel that way. I really meant for it to help people accomplish with their blog what they want. If you don't care if your readership is big, then it doesn't matter if you follow any "rules."

The key is to know what your goal is with blogging. Mine has evolved over 3 years (and I was equally intimidated by established bloggers at that time). Just be what you want to be and grow into it if you are not yet there.

Hope said...

Nooo! Dr Rob! I wasn't upset in the least about my post. I just feel guilty about not writing more and your post motivated me to write. Promise! I liked your post. :)